We believe every customer deserves a life of

design excellence and inspiration



At District A Design we proudly share our love of contemporary, and design forward style.

What some people may see eccentric at times, we see as an edgy, trendy and outstanding concept.

We are driven by offering a carefully curated collection of furniture and home decor that stands for high end, design driven and exceptional quality.



Our heritage is defined by experience, knowledge and service excellence to help customers find functional, aesthetically inspiring pieces that make every room a curated experience. 

Our unique perspective on luxury furniture is nurtured by Ambienti Design, a modern furniture trendsetter in Montreal and recognized leader in design quality and service.


We believe every customer deserves a life of design excellence and inspiration.

Our mission is to turn every home into a cutting-edge escape.


Always one step ahead. We want to continue offering statement pieces that inspire and create one of a kind spaces while environmentally friendly.

At District A Design we are convinced that a sustainable future goes hand in hand with high quality. That’s why we work with environmentally responsible companies and promote furniture and home decor that will stand the test of time with style and quality. 

  • The furniture industry has demonstrated its commitment to a more sustainable future, and we are no exception. 
  • We don’t believe in fast furniture. 10 million tons of waste end up in landfills in Canada and the US annually. 
  • The longer life cycle your furniture and home decor has the lower the carbon footprint is. 


Discover how contrasting trends and disruptive design can blend into contemporary comfort, available at the right price.

John DiPietro

Owner and visionary
John comes from a family who has a long and very successful history in the retail furniture and home decor industry in Montreal. He learned from the best that style+service= excellence. Not only has John been able to replicate everything that has made Ambienti Design renown worldwide, with District A Design John aims at innovating and reaching new markets.


John Bowes

Showroom Manager and Lead Designer
John is an experienced designer with a unique style and vision. He is driven by being able to create ambiances that speak for themselves through colors, textures and patterns. John has been able to curate and consolidate a distinctive style for District A Design.
Patricia Lepage.



Patricia Lepage

Designer and Merchandising
Patricia is an interior designer with years of experience in the furniture retail industry. She thrives when able to help clients find the right piece for the perfect space. She is passionate about new designs and trends, and really knows how to style up any room.
Mónica Peña Cid.



Monica Peña Cid

Digital and Marketing Strategist
Monica joined the team early on to create and design DAD branding and marketing strategies. Inspired by the potential of creativity and disruptive style, she has been able to communicate and consolidate DAD’s digital presence online.


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