Modern Cushions & Throws Montreal

District A Design’s modern cushion and throw collection has various designs to suit your home needs. Each cushion can blend with any style, whether that’s monotone colors for modern decor or bright tones to warm up the room. With the help of District A Design, you can choose a cushion or throw that matches your taste.

We have a wide range of modern cushions and contemporary throws in Montreal with minimalistic elements and hidden details imprinted in the design. If you want high-end decor for your home, District A Design has you covered.

A Variety of Modern Cushions for Your Home

Choose from our collection of modern cushions with simple but effective designs. You could opt for the Lyla cushions if you prefer something minimal in your living space or the Tona cushions to add a little pop of color in the office.

Modern cushions often have unique textures, such as hand-knotted wool and stitches, that set the cushions apart from basic designs. By including more contemporary pieces in your home, you can embrace a high-end look while still appreciating its uniqueness.

Browse more of our home decor accessories in Montreal to maintain your theme and find cozy items that add personality to every room. District A Design wants everyone to create a space that perfectly embodies their vision.

Fashionable Contemporary Throws

Fashionable throw blankets like Liv can accent your sofa or chair. The beautiful and soft material comes in a light blue or pink color, making it perfect for warming up the room during darker days. With Liv also being a large throw, you could place it over your bed or hide beneath it in the winter.

At District A Design, we ensure each throw has a unique style and texture. Taking the simple route is not an option, so you can invest in a fashionable contemporary throw that makes your home or office look sophisticated and modern.

Eccentric Cushion Designs

Unique cushions are the best home decor accessories for making your home or office stand out. If you prefer brighter tones in your bedroom or lounge area, it’s worth browsing our eccentric cushions and contemporary throws in Montreal.

We have the Fireworks cushion that combines various warm colors for seasonal inspiration and the retro Ottava cushion that makes a bold statement. Both of these cushions together could transform your home into a quaint environment. Even though they might seem retro at first glance, they’re still very current in their textured accents and vibrant patterns.

For more inspiration, consider Granby to match the Liv throw. The pink, orange, and gold hue gives these products a boho vibe, with the clean accent designed to suit indoor and outside spaces.

Here at District A Design, we want to provide modern cushions and throws in Montreal, but we also understand that every home is different. From darker, mysterious tones to vibrant colors that remind you of a sunset, there’s a cushion made for you in our selection.

Find Modern Cushions & Throws in Montreal at District A Designs

Do these modern cushions and throws speak to you? Contact us to learn more about our high-end products and how to choose a design that matches your theme. Whether you seek bold designs like the Cosmic cushion or velvet goodness like the classic Emmy cushion, we have the best variety when it comes to home decor.

Shop online today or visit our showroom in Montreal to speak with a professional about decorating your home.