Modern Wall Art Montreal

Your home is your canvas, and your accessories are your paints, but what about adding art prints into the mix? With modern wall art in Montreal from District A Design, you can create a beautiful home with elegant decorations, from unique canvas prints to modern takes on classic paintings.

Our modern wall art collection offers high-quality canvas art in various designs that can communicate your unique personality. Whether you're a lover of abstract prints or you're looking for minimalist designs, we have something for you. Shop online at District A Design to discover your artistic tastes.

Modern Art Prints

Influenced by the greats like Vincent van Gogh and with roots in the 19th-20th century, modern art prints offer the perfect accessory to your home. At District A Design, we have a comprehensive collection of modern wall art that offer stunning splashes of colour that can break up any block colours and bring life to any room in your home or office.

Our Let Things Simmer painting uses the Giclee inkjet method to create this explosion of colour clearly inspired by the modern art period. A combination of stunning yellows, magentas, pinks and oranges contrast with a moody blue background - the perfect modern art piece for any home looking to revitalize its space.

Why not explore modern art trends like expressionism with our La Piscine by Cendric Pierre-Bez? Stunning brushwork and vibrant colours combine with unique, dreamlike character forms designed to demand the attention of your guests. If you love a combination of block colour with soft lines that highlight the human form, then this piece is for you.

Contemporary Framed Art

Influenced by the second half of the 20th century, contemporary framed art is the perfect addition to any home or office looking to embrace artwork encapsulating cultural diversity, industrialism and abstract design. 

Nothing encapsulates contemporary art more than our Contemporary Kiss art. Showcasing almost mathematical and robotic design features, this moody framed artwork is ideal for any home or office looking for an art piece/commentary on contemporary culture.

If your home or office embraces industrial design features, contemporary framed artwork like our Gimme Gimme piece is perfect. An eclectic mix of social commentary and harsh brush strokes makes for the perfect thought-provoking framed art piece for your area.

Unique Canvas Prints

Looking for something unique? Unique canvas prints from District A Design are the perfect conversation starter. We have a collection of unique canvases that are inspired by classical paintings with completely modern twists to provide you with a unique collectable.

Behind the Veil, Golden Era, and Golden Boys VI are perhaps the best examples of our unique canvas prints. Offering Regency-era self-portraits with unique patterns layered over the top creates a beautiful modern addition to your home or office.

Trendy Wall Art

If you're looking to follow the latest trends, then we have incredible trendy wall art inspired by the latest fads, perfect for any home. Our Split Personality wall art uses ultra-trendy naked canvas, clean lines and contour artistic techniques to create a beautiful piece that will definitely inspire some conversations.

Discover Beautiful Wall Art in Montreal No Matter Your Home Style at District A Design

Create your art gallery with beautiful wall art and canvases from District A Design. We have an extensive collection that's perfect for everyone, from bursts of colour to minimal canvases that bring calm to any space. 

We're proud to offer Montreal the finest home accessories and furniture, ranging from storage solutions to beds and lighting. We help our customers transform their homes and offices into spaces that inspire them, so shop online today or visit our Montreal showroom to experience our incredible wall art in person.