Modern Cabinets Montreal

Whether you use them to store your drinks or display your books, cabinets play a big role in any home or office space. Cabinets are also a good opportunity to showcase your unique interior design choices, boasting abstract patterns and finishes or simplistic straight lines and symmetry.

Whatever your design choices, we have modern cabinets, hutches, sideboards and bar cabinets for you. Browse our collection and find the perfect cabinet in Montreal for your home or office.

Modern Office or Living Room Cabinets

When it comes to style and sophistication, you can rely on District A Design to supply the most stunning modern office or living room cabinets. We have a vast range of cabinets for all styles around your home.

Whether your tastes are more mid-century or contemporary, we have something for all interior design choices. If you’re a lover of all things bright and colourful, then you’ll love our Meena cabinet. Adorned with hundreds of peacock feather-inspired prints, Meena is the ideal cabinet for anyone looking to inject a little colour into their home or office. 

Contemporary Cabinets

If all things minimalist and modern are more to your taste, then you’ll find incredible contemporary cabinets in our collection. Our contemporary cabinets embrace modern design trends to fit seamlessly into any home that embodies simplicity and minimalism.

Breya is a perfect example of a stunning cabinet that can easily fit into any home. Soft edges compliment minimalistic interior design choices but contrast just enough with beiges and creams with a stunning black-iron finish, perfect for anyone looking for a little more dimension in their home or office. 

Mid-Century Bar Cabinets

Many of us choose to embrace interior design trends from the 1940s-1960s, so why not choose a stunning mid-century bar cabinet that combines the best of mid-century design with modern detailing? Class BC is our stunning mid-century bar cabinet that offers a classic dark-wood chevron pattern that can integrate beautifully with any interior design choice. Combined effortlessly with modern gold detailed handles and legs, this bar cabinet offers hanging wine glass storage and wine bottle shelves so you can store your beverages for your next get-together in style. 

High-End Hutches

Hutches provide significant storage, but we don’t think they should stop there. We think that hutches provide an opportunity to incorporate artistic designs to add texture to your home.

That’s why our Casablanca high-end hutch incorporates black-finished honeycomb patterns alongside contrasting tempered glass to store your personal items in style. Perfect for any home or office to display fine china, glasses or even books, this hutch could bring your space to a whole new level. 

Stylish Sideboard Cabinets

Sideboards are an integral feature of any home or office, providing us with not only discreet storage solutions but counter space to display personal items such as photo frames and accessories.

If you’re looking for stylish sideboards, then our cabinet collection is for you. Denza, our retro inspired sideboard, can easily blend into any home thanks to its neutral colour. Made entirely of metal with a black and gold brushed finish, this stunning sideboard can beautifully compliment other furniture, especially those in darker colours such as emerald green, reds or dark toned-blues.

Shop Stunning Modern Cabinets Online at District A Design

If you’re looking for beautiful modern cabinets, mid-century bar cabinets or contemporary sideboards and hutches, then shop online at District A Design. We have an extensive range of stunning furniture that can take your home or office to an entirely new level in design. We also offer seating, storage, beds, lighting, and so much more on our online store. Shop online today or visit our Montreal showroom to discover a new world of interior design.