Modern Floor Lamps Montreal

Whether you want to introduce ambient lighting to your home or you’re looking for a statement floor lamp designed to demand the attention of your guests, you’ll find something you love in our collection of modern floor lamps in Montreal. 

We have an eclectic mix designed to fit seamlessly with your existing interior design choices for your home or office, with lamps in white, gold, brass and black. From ultra futuristic designs to quirky statement pieces like our ‘The Girlfiend’ cat floor lamp, our modern floor lamps are simply delightful. 

Modern Floor Lamps

Amongst our eclectic mix of floor lamp styles, we have tasteful modern lamps with mid-twentieth-century design features that are timeless options for your home or office. Our Pose lamp is a perfect example of a minimalistic yet super versatile modern lamp that can easily fit in with your existing design choices. With delicately tapered legs and a minimal black fabric shade, you can effortlessly slot this in any corner of your living room, library or office space. 

Contemporary Floor Lamps

We also supply a range of contemporary floor lamps for those that love today’s design trends of blending harsh block colours with vibrant metallics for a refreshing industrial design. Our Isla floor lamp is a perfect example of a contemporary floor lamp with accessible tapered legs that can easily fit into any part of your home but with a bold, contemporary gold metallic shade with latticed detailing. 

We also have lamps for anyone looking for a contemporary, minimal design that goes perfectly with today’s trend of rounded, bubble-like home decor. The Ideal lamp is a playful floor lamp with asymmetric features and globed bulbs that is the perfect conversation starter floor lamp. In minimalistic colours of black and white, this lamp contrasts beautifully with bolder design choices around your home. 

Futuristic Floor Lamps

As floor lamps are the perfect statement piece for any home, why not communicate your love of futuristic design trends with one of our futuristic floor lamps? Our Corbeau lamp is the perfect example of a floor lamp that doubles as an art piece. With hints of industrial inspiration and an aerodynamic, bird-like design, this incredible floor lamp immediately demands the attention of your guests. 

You could take it a step further with an ultra-abstract futuristic floor lamp with a surreal bird claw base and CCTV camera-esque shade. Our Falcon floor light, with its beakish-like charm, is the ultimate addition to any contemporary design-loving home or office and screams your unique interior design personality for all your guests. 

Hybrid Floor Lamps

You can even find hybrid floor lamps that double as a side table in your home or office. The Loop floor lamp offers interior design enthusiasts a curved classic overhanging floor lamp design, but with an upwards curved side table from the base. With only a single base uniting these two solutions, you can save space and have a statement lighting solution in your home or office. 

Unique Floor Lamps in Montreal

If you’re looking for an iconic floor lamp that boasts unique details and provides the perfect attention-grabbing statement addition to your home or office, shop online at District A Design. You’ll find the perfect floor lamp in a variety of colours that perfectly complement your existing interior design choices. Our floor lamps are just a taste of what’s on offer at District A Design. 

You’ll also find an incredible collection of modern storage solutions, beds, lighting, accessories and seating available to shop online today. Alternatively, visit our Montreal showroom to experience artistic furniture designs in the flesh.