Modern Table Lamps Montreal

Table lamps do much more than just illuminate a space. They can be a valuable decorative piece that communicates your unique interior design choices and provide ambient lighting for when you want to cozy up on the couch. 

Whether you’re looking for modern table lamps in Montreal designed to ooze sophistication or a stunning side table lamp that boasts futuristic detailing, District A Design has the perfect table lamp for you. With so many colours, styles and detailing choices on offer, you’ll find the high-end table lamp that blends perfectly with your home. 

Modern Table Lamps

Infused with design inspiration from decades past, modern table lamps are the perfect addition for anyone looking for a refreshing table lamp with nods to previous design trends. We have an extensive range of modern table lamps that embrace all current design trends, with glints of mid-century decor to create dynamic, decorative pieces. Take our Georgia lamp, for example. This stunning piece embraces a stunning boho, rattan design first popularized in the 1960s-70s, now with a minimalistic modern lamp shade to provide a simplistic yet elegant table lamp for your home. 

Contemporary Side Table Lamps

Amongst our collection of modern lamps, we also have an array of contemporary side table lamps that offer futuristic texture to your home. You’ll find contemporary side table lamps in Montreal made of wood, like our Robolo, which offers a corrugated birch wood design with a balanced linen lamp shade. Or, you can find contemporary side table lamps on the opposite end of the material spectrum, like our Sweet FL, which provides an entirely metal lattice design that is ideal for any industrial design lover.

If you’re looking to embrace a futuristic lamp that gives you a truly designer feel, then our Erwin is the perfect contemporary side table lamp. Made with ceramic on a polished nickel base, Erwin boasts a crocodile print textured body moulded from real crocodile hide and hand-detailed. This side table lamp is the definition of a conversation starter.  

Artistic Table Lamps

As we mentioned, table lamps aren’t just functional lighting pieces. They’re art features that can be a real asset to your home, so why not take this a step further with a stunning artistic lamp like our Ida? Ida features a blooming shade inspired by a frangipani flower. With design features taken from a classic gramophone horn, this is the ideal table lamp for anyone looking to adorn their home with lamps that hold a little more meaning. 

High-End Table Lamps Montreal

Finding a furniture supplier that embraces artistic design in their pieces doesn’t need to be difficult; just shop online at District A Design. We go further than just giving you a standard lighting solution, and take great pride in our table and side table lamps. We have an impressive range of seating, tables, beds and accessories for you to choose from when you shop online, or you can visit our Montreal showroom to experience our decadent pieces in person.