Bed Frames Montreal

Beds are a lot more than just where we sleep. They can also provide great interior design value and encapsulate your unique interior design tastes.

At District A Design, we recognize the value that a beautiful bed frame can add to your home, so that’s why we supply a comprehensive collection of modern, contemporary and mid-century bed frames that can seamlessly integrate into any home. Why not find your perfect bed frame in Montreal with District A Design?

Mid Century Beds

Mid-century design is a popular interior design choice in many homes thanks to its simplicity and calming tones. The bedroom is the perfect opportunity to incorporate mid-century colours that go beautifully with the rest of your bedroom decor.

In vintage tobacco colouring, Tuft is a stunning example of a mid-century-inspired design combined with a modern faux-leather fabric and gunmetal iron base. This bed frame is as sturdy as it is stylish and offers a soothing yet sophisticated solution for any home, embracing modern and past design trends. 

Modern Bed Frames

Of course, many of us like to style our homes to celebrate past design trends, but the rise of industrial-inspired design has brought a new wave of modern interior design, which you can observe in some of our bed frames here in Montreal.

Our Oxford bed frame is a prime example of where modern meets functionality, boasting beautiful geometric iron tubing inspired by none other than European hospital beds. Pairing this with a plush mattress and simple bedding is a good way to showcase this stylish piece of furniture. 

Minimalistic Bed Frames

This beautiful cloud-like bed frame is everything you could possibly want in a bed. It offers soft cream tones with plush extra-large pillows as the headboard, surrounded by a simple block colour frame. This quiet yet beautiful bed frame is the ideal piece of furniture to sink into after a long day at work.

High–End Bed Frames in Montreal

If you’re looking to take your bedroom to the next level, shop our collection of stunning bed frames in Montreal at District A Design. Our bed frames are designed to incorporate the very best of high-end furniture design trends, enhancing your interior design and making your bedroom feel like your very own slice of paradise. Shop online with us today or visit our Montreal showroom to experience our beautiful furniture in person.