Modern Dressers Montreal

Dressers and chests of drawers are valuable additions to your home or office that do much more than just store your clothes or paperwork. They can also display your trinkets like photo frames and jewellery boxes, pull your interior decor together and showcase your interior design tastes.

Whether you’re looking for modern dressers to add to your living room, bedroom or office, District A Design has an extensive collection of high-end dressers and chests of drawers for you. In several finishes and styles that are guaranteed to make a statement in your home or office, you won’t beat our modern dressers in Montreal.

Modern Dressers

Modern dressers take inspiration from the mid-19th century and infuse it with today’s trends, including minimalism and abstract features. Within our collection of modern dressers, you’ll find stunning simplistic pieces like Allegra, which combines features from honey-finished oak and wood-backed cane paneling. This soft and neutral piece is perfect for any modern home looking for furniture that seamlessly blends with their other interior design choices. 

Mid-Century Dressers

With design infusions from the 1940s-1960s, our mid-century dressers are perfect for any customer looking to embrace traditional oak finishes and lines of symmetry. Our mid-century dressers are ideal for most interior design tastes, as these dark oak-coloured dressers pair beautifully with any colour in your home or office.

Mid-century dressers like Avenue or Lars provide convenient storage space for your clothes or office supplies while offering adequate counter space to display other personal items. 

High-End Chest of Drawers

Chests of drawers are ideal for homes and offices as they offer an extensive amount of storage space while being compact enough to fit into confined spaces. When it comes to the chests of drawers, these amazing furniture pieces are the perfect excuse to incorporate artistic features like abstract carvings to add a dynamic layer to any home or office. Take Keiko, for example. Stunning shallow-relief carvings add texture to the deep mahogany wood, making this chest of drawers truly heirloom-worthy. 

If you’re a lover of all things modern, then you’ll adore our Nerea chest of drawers. Sharp angled edges embrace current geometric design trends, making this the perfect chest for any modern home. With a fold-out mirrored top and three spacious stacking drawers, this chest provides everything you need from a functional yet stylish furniture piece. 

Contemporary and Modern Dressers

Of course, we don’t just cater to softer mid-century designs; we also offer several incredible dressers that offer a unique twist on functional furniture. Ziggy is a prime example of a design that incorporates intrigue and wonder into your interior design.

At face value, it’s hard to see how Ziggy could ever be anything other than an art piece, but Ziggy incorporates functional features with smart hidden handles revealing five drawers in a zig-zag pattern. With Ziggy, you can include an art feature in your home or office while benefiting from smart storage solutions.

Find Perfect High-End Dressers for Your Home or Office at District A Design

District A Design offers a unique take on furniture. Where others see dressers and chests of drawers as just standard storage solutions, we see an opportunity to combine functionality with high-end art. We offer an extensive range of stunning furniture pieces that combine practicality with style, including seating, tables, beds, lighting and accessories. If you’re looking to create a more dynamic home or office with furniture that oozes sophistication, then shop online at District A Design or visit our Montreal showroom today.