From decanters to bookends and candelabras, at District A Design, we have modern home accessories in Montreal designed to revitalize your home completely. Our modern accessories demand your guest's attention and communicate your unique personality with intricate trinkets and quirky accents that take your home to the next level. 

At District A Design, we ensure that everyone's home or office style is catered for, so that's why you'll find an eclectic mix of contemporary, modern, minimalistic and futuristic designs that embrace all textures and finishes, from matte ceramics to brassy candle stick holders. Check out our collection of modern home accessories in Montreal and bring your home or office to life. 

Modern Accessories

Our modern home accessories embrace the mid-century charm and offer a stylish design that demands attention from your guests. You'll find classic modern accents like our Found bowl, which boasts stunning dark wood made from reclaimed natural materials in India. Serving as the perfect storage bowl for your entryway, or a great accent fruit bowl, modern accessories like this make District A design your go-to accent store in Montreal. You can even find larger modern home accessories that aren't just stylish but super functional. Our Dressboy is a prime example of a mid-century-inspired coat rack that keeps everything from dress coats to skirts crease-free. Sporting a brass finish, this modern accessory is perfect for any classic furniture-loving home!

Contemporary Accent Pieces

Our contemporary accent pieces are the perfect addition for any home looking to add a dynamic layer of texture to their home. You'll find stunning, ultra-contemporary pieces that embrace all current design trends, such as Flor, our stunning bulbous vase for all your favourite plant cuttings. In a metallic finish, these Christmas bauble-like vases are the perfect way to break up any harsh lines around your home and are perfect for those who are big fans of today's main interior design trends. If you love bold, contemporary designs that embrace harsh block colours, then you'll love our Thor vases. These incredible circular vases are the perfect addition to homes that embraces industrial-inspired trends or any home that wants to add an eye-catching, quirky accent to their space.

Classic Home Accents and Accessories

Of course, we always cater to those with a design taste that demands classic, sophisticated finishes. Our decanters are a prime example of how we at District A Design like to take classic accents and turn them into something that's ultra-stylish and embodies what it means to be 'high-end.' Our Briston decanter is perfect for your home or office bar and drinks cabinet. Boasting a classic hourglass shape with a pentagonal-shaped stopper and stunning carvings, this decanter offers your bar a timeless accessory that gives you the same sophisticated feeling as classic crystal decanters.

Minimalistic Accents

Suppose you'd rather add an element of calm to your space; why not check out some of our minimalist accents at District A Design? We have stunning accents that offer a muted yet very stylish appearance, boasting soft lines, block colour and minimalistic additions. Our GF Pendule clock is a great example of our minimalistic accents and offers a modern get-muted take on the classic grandfather clock. This is the perfect accessory for a home or office bursting with colour or any space you want to relax.

Find High-End Accessories & Accents in Montreal for Every Home Style

If you love the look of any of our incredible accents, shop online at District A Design. You'll find the perfect modern accessory that beautifully complements your home in various colours and finishes. We don't stop at accessories. We offer a vast range of stunning storage solutions, beds, lighting, and much more, helping you take your home or office to the next level of interior design. Shop online at District A Design today or visit our Montreal showroom to see our incredible designs in person.