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Find a wide range of incredible home décor in Montreal, available at District A Design, including high-end décor accents and accessories including artwork, throw pillows, and more AA framed piece of artwork is a wonderful way to express yourself, but sculptural wall décor adds texture and visual interest. Shop our selection of accessories for home or office below.

High-End Home Décor

Discover our Accessories collection and add style to your space

With different themes and designs, you can give your favourite room a little pizzaz that will turn heads. A wall accent can add depth and a striking presence to your living room, den, or hallway.

Add warmth and character to your home with our range of high-end throw pillows and designer throws. There is something for every room in our collection of cushions and blankets, featuring a wide range of colours, textures, and styles, whether you're looking for one for your bed, sofa, or favourite reading nook. 

Whether you have an empty wall in need of décor or a piece of wall art that needs an update, you can find high-end home décor for the walls.

Add instant intrigue to your space with high-end home accessories, such as accents, art, mirrors, rugs, cushions and throws. This collection is perfect for any room in your home, from the living room and dining room to the home office and bedroom. 

In addition to drawing the eye to your mantle, these versatile decorative accents can be used to decorate end tables, console tables, and bookshelves, and you can even use them for centerpieces for your dining table or kitchen table. 

Get inspired to accessorize your home with items that reflect your design style.  Book an appointment today and speak with one of our design professionals!