Modern Rugs Montreal

District A Design’s modern rug collection is the perfect chance to embrace the mid-century movement and add a touch of contemporary elegance to your home.

With clean lines, contemporary colours, and the highest-quality materials, these rugs do more than cover your floor; they add a high-end, sophisticated vibe to your home, a pop of colour and a touch of warmth that will transform your interior.

Whether you are updating your home or improving your office, District A Design has the perfect modern and contemporary area rug to help you totally transform your space.

Geometric Patterned Rugs

If you are looking for bold patterns that are sure to stand out from the crowd, one of our quality geometric-style rugs will offer the perfect addition to your space. From the sharp patterns of the “Beverly” design to the clean, modern lines of the “Keklapis” design, we have a range of patterns that are sure to upgrade your room and bring a touch of modernity. Add an ultra-modern vibe with the “Swinging” design or some soft edges with the “Alex” model - there is something to suit every aesthetic.

Animal Print Rugs

Combine modern designs with a vintage vibe by investing in one of our stylish animal-print style rugs and enjoy a touch of the wild in the comfort of your own space. We offer leopard print designs in the “Ayaan,” “Satwa,” or aptly named “Wild World” styles, or opt for exotic snakeskin with the “Keep Your Enemies Closer” - an appropriate name for such a design!

Modern Abstract

Are you a fan of abstract art? Then why not bring the magic of these colours and designs to your space with one of our modern abstract styles, and invest in a piece of artwork as well as a comfortable floor covering? The “Obi” and “Astra” designs are perfect for a moodier aesthetic, while the “Gold” style is perfect for adding an upgraded vibe. Alternatively, why not opt for the “Ouvre” style for that full abstract feel - the perfect focal point to add interest to any space?

Linear Patterned Rugs

One of the hallmarks of modern style is clean, sharp lines, and these are a crucial aspect of the design of many of our linear patterned rugs. From the combined geometric and linear style of our “Liv” rug to the dramatic crisscross of the “Katie,” these are the perfect option if you are on the hunt for something subtle yet distinctive. 

Alternatively, opt for bold black and white contrast with the “Serena” or “Natasha” - the perfect foundation for a dramatic modern vibe, or try something softer with the “Bere” design.

Antique Style Pattern Rugs

Why opt for one aesthetic when you can combine classic antique beauty with bright, bold colours? This is a great way to combine tradition and modernity and can be found in the “Bid” or “Rugged” styles, combining vintage Persian style designs with the latest in modern carpet and rug design and materials.

Rounded Circle Rugs

In addition to the sharp, precise lines that we so often associate with modernity, this movement and aesthetic can also be expressed through soft curves and circle designs, and these can be seen in the totally round “Flip” style or combined curved lines in the “Boomerang” design. Alternatively, why not combine gentle curves and sharp lines with the “Alex” or “Eclipse” styles of the rug?

Find Contemporary Area Rugs In District A Design

If you are looking for the ultimate soft furnishings to brighten up your space and transform the aesthetic of your home or office, we have the ultimate range for you to choose from. Whether you opt for ultra-modern with one of our strong geometric patterns or go for a gentle approach with a smooth curve, we have the perfect addition to your home.

Shop with District A Design today and add an instant upgrade to your interior design.